Fake Video of “Drunk Wife Makes Grilled Cheeses” Goes Viral

Posted by Georgie on August 7, 2014

This video uploaded to Reddit, titled “My Drunk Wife Makes Grilled Cheeses,” was quickly and ruthlessly called out for being fake by many watchers.


In the video, a guy films his “wife” after she has come home at 2am from a night out.  She’s in the kitchen making “grilled cheeses” with goldfish and string cheese, while slurring her words between sips of wine and taking off her clothes.


The “wife” is actually comedienne Ashley Bez, and thanks to Jimmy Kimmel‘s many viral prank videos, it’s very likely that this video is also part of some sort of larger viral marketing or pranking scheme, though so far there has been no word on who is behind the fake video.


Fake or not, it’s a pretty funny and endearing video. (Just don’t look at the Youtube comments, unless you have a hankering to gauge your eyes out over how stupid and mean people can be.)


You got us with The Twerking Girl Who Caught on Fire, and you even got us with The Wolf in the Olympians’ Hotel, but I really hope that Jimmy Kimmel didn’t think he could FOOL US THRICE!!


At least it’s not another “Strangers Meet for the First Time and Do Sexy Stuff With Each Other” video.  If I wanted to watch attractive people nervously giggle before touching each other, I’d go to a Laguna Beach Prom.  (And feel SUPER weird about it.)



I know this is fake because she didn’t even bother layering the damn gold fish on top.  #Amateur

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