Kristen Stewart Stars in a New Movie That Requires Zero Smiling, So She’s Perfectly Cast…

Posted by Georgie on August 8, 2014

Kristen Stewart stars in a film that takes place in Guantanamo Bay, which means she can finally do in a movie what she does best in real life: Never, ever smile.


Kristen Stewart stars in Sundance celebrated Camp X-Ray, a film about a U.S. soldier who finds herself conflicted while stationed at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.


Stewart plays Private Amy Cole, an eager American soldier who must guard “detainees” at the camp, and discovers that things aren’t as black-and-white in the army as she expected in the process.


The trailer hit the web today, and we are extremely glad that Kristen Stewart has gotten herself into a gritty, unromantic, and unhappy role, which is really where her face she belongs.  (Don’t take that as an insult, K.Stew.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses and there’s no way an actress like Hilary Duff could pull this kind of movie off.)


#NoSmilingRequired.  Yep.  I bet she didn’t even read the script, she was just like, “War + Prisoners + Dramatic Sea Shots?  SIGN ME UP!!”


kristen stewart camp x-ray movie


All Kristen Stewart jokes aside, I think this movie looks really interesting and could shed some light onto a subject most of us would rather turn away from.

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