Deadly Selfie: Couple Dies While Trying To Take Picture On Cliff In Portugal

Posted by Leslie Simon on August 11, 2014

A Polish couple fell to their death in Portugal after trying to take a selfie on the cliff edge at Cabo de Roca, a popular tourist attraction near Lisbon.

According to reports, the pair went past a barrier intended to keep people from going too close to the edge, and that’s when they slipped and fell. The couple leave behind two children who are were with them at the time of the accident and are now in custody of Polish diplomats.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first selfie-related death. Last week, a Mexican man accidentally shot himself in the head while taking a photo. He was posing with a gun to his forehead when it discharged and killed him.

The lesson here, folks? No selfie is worth dying for. Seriously.

Photo: Mashable

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