Britney Spears + 10 Other Hot Celebrity Women Who’ve Been Cheated On…

Posted by Georgie on August 29, 2014

How could you cheat on Britney, bitch?! 


TMZ released the story yesterday that Britney Spears‘ boyfriend of a year and a half, David Lucado, cheated on her.  Apparently there is a video going around in which Lucado is shown making out and dancing with another woman in August.  Britney found out when TMZ reached out to her father, Jamie Spears, for comment.  Daddy Spears then not only TOLD Britney about the tape in question, he actually bought the tape to save his daughter from the horror and humiliation of the tape going around.  #TeamBritneysDad



As expected, the “Perfume” singer wasted no time in dumping Lucado’s cheating ass, tweeting the following:


britney spears tweets she is single


No doubt our favorite 90s pop singer is absolutely heartbroken, but she’s such a trooper that this will in no way interfere with her residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Talk about Work Bitch!

What is it with these hot, successful women in Hollywood getting cheated on?!  Is it just that they got unlucky with dating the wrong types of guys, or are they so gorgeous and intimidating, that their partners feel the need to seek out attention from women who are not as scary to them?


10 Hot Celebrity Women Who Have Been Cheated On…



1. Sophia Bush: Sophia Bush was cheated on by husband Chad Michael Murray, who had allegedly hooked up with Paris Hilton. (Um, gross?)


2. Halle Barry: Ugh, Eric Benet is the biggest idiot of Idiot Town.  WHO CHEATS ON HALLE BARRY?


3. Sienna Miller: Luckily her on-and-off relationship with Jude Law, (that was on-again a few years after he admitted to sleeping with his kids’ nanny), did not last as long as Jude Law’s receding hairline.





4. Sandra Bullock: When news broke out that Jesse James had cheated on Sandra Bullock with multiple women, it was the grossest.  And she still managed to stay amazing through that hell.





5. Reese Witherspoon: We couldn’t believe it when our favorite Cruel Intentions couple split — but we couldn’t believe it MORE that Ryan Philippe had cheated on the mother of his two kids with Abbie Cornish.  (Years later, she got her revenge by dating his former best friend mwahahaha!)





6. Mary Louise Parker: The Weeds actress was 7 months pregnant when she found out her husband, Billy Crudup, was having an affair with Claire Danes!  (He denied the affair, but he went public with Danes soon after his official split with Parker.)  Now there’s something to ugly cry about :(





7. Eva Longoria: Tony Parker cheated on Longoria with one of his former teammates’ wives, after being with the actress for 7 years.





8. Uma Thurman: Hopefully Ethan Hawke’s own “Boyhood” came to a screeching halt when he realized how stupid it was to cheat on the beautiful Uma Thurman. 





9. Elizabeth Hurley: Hurley is still close friends with ex Hugh Grant, despite his solicitation of a Hollywood prostitute ending their 13 year relationship.  TALK ABOUT FORGIVE AND FORGET!





10. Jennifer Aniston: Angelina Jolie has claimed that she and now-husband Brad Pitt “fell in love,” on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  That’s nice and all, but a major burn to Jennifer Aniston, who was definitely still married to Pitt at the time.






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