Jennifer Garner’s Impression of Ben Affleck Screams “GET ME OUTTA THIS MARRIAGE”

Posted by Georgie on October 3, 2014

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner seem to love to take digs at one another.  In almost every interview they do, they manage to slip in some sort of slight against their partner–whether provoked or not.  And I’m not even talking about Affleck mentioning how much “work” his marriage is in that infamous Oscar speech for Argo… 


Case in point, here’s a Ben Affleck quote on his marriage:


“We fell in love on Daredevil. By the way, she won most of the fights in the movie, which was a pretty good predictor of what would happen down the road—my wife, holding swords and beating the living shit out of me.”


Normal, innocent, husband-joking-that-his-wife-wears-the-pants comment?  Sure.  Except when you say your wife is metaphorically beating the living shit out of you in your marriage after telling the world how your marriage is “work,” you’re not exactly indicating that you love being married.  And Garner?  When it comes to her interviews, she tends to remind everyone that she is the one who is always there for the kids, while daddy works SO MUCH, that she has to sew his face onto their pajamas…


“You can’t go for too long without being together as a unit. Face time is a must time for us. I make pajamas for the kids with Ben’s face on it that they sleep in. I put his voice in things…like there’s a teddy bear you can get where you can put the voice in the paw.”


That’s not creepy at all, except that it is.  But hey– it’s nice to know that Jennifer Garner gets all of her parenting advice from the movie Jack Frost!



Anyways, if all of that isn’t enough evidence to prove that this is a marriage that is more guns than roses, just watch Jennifer Garner to a pretty horrible impression of Ben Affleck  (at 1:50), before insisting SHE IS NOT A HIGH MAINTENANCE CHICK:


Ah, yes.  Nothing says, “I love my husband so much!” like making him sound like a stupid monkey that just became a pledge at Kappa Alpha at ASU.


Don’t worry Jennifer Garner, we don’t think you’re high maintenance.  Thanks to your husband, we just think you’re a bitch who metaphorically kicks her husband’s ass!


Awwww, they hate each other <3  STARS REALLY ARE JUST LIKE US!!!

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