They Made A Christian Mingle Movie And, Lord, Does It Look Terrible

Posted by Leslie Simon on October 8, 2014

Falling under the category of “completely weird and unnecessary movies no one needs to see,” allow us to present Christian Mingle, which… You guessed it… Is based on the online dating site of the same name.

Starring Lacey Chabert, the romantic comedy is “a love story with some serious soul.”

(Get it? Soul? Religion? Wow, the guy writing the copy for this film really put in his overtime with that pun.)

But wait! There’s more! The movie is also written and directed by Corbin Bernsen. Anyone under the age of 25 probably has no idea who this guy is, but he was considered a super-hot stud in the ’80s for his role as Arnie Becker on L.A. Law.

There were obviously different standards for hotness back then, but we digress…

Check out the trailer for Christian Mingle and, if you wanna have fun, you could turn it into a drinking game. Take a shot every time they say “Lord” and we guarantee you’ll be blitzed in under three minutes.

Photo: Christian Post, PMPNetwork

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