Adam Sandler’s Story of Trying to See Shaq’s Penis to Conan Got Animated…

Posted by Georgie on October 24, 2014

Last year, Adam Sandler told Conan the story of how he once tried to see Shaq’s penis (as anyone who had the chance to would.)  Now, the story has been animated and the story is even funnier to watch…


“The Fantastic Mystery of Shaq’s Penis,” animated by Dilara Karabas.

The most honest thing in this story was the fact that Shaq is funnier than everyone. (Also, was anyone else expecting Shaq to be like, “Oh, you want to see it? Here you go…” and he just pulls down his pants and there’s just a miniature Shaq in his Sinbad outfit that comes out and slaps Adam Sandler in the face? No? Just my dream? Okay.)


I can’t believe he told the bodyguard what he was trying to do.  That took balls.  

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