This “Bob’s Burgers” Gingerbread House Is Too Cute To Eat!

Posted by Leslie Simon on December 22, 2014

Fans of Bob’s Burgers are well-familiar with the Belcher abode, which sits on top of the family’s burger joint. The double-decker life/workspace looks like this:

However, what would happen if you replaced the animated dry wall with real-life gingerbread? One amazingly talented baker named Katharina Dax decided to find out.

In celebration of the holiday season, this geeky chef reconstructed the building with flour, cinnamon, molasses and more. (The actual recipe for her gingerbread can be found here.)

Not only is the result nearly IDENTICAL to the animated version, but it also features an adorable (and semi-edible) Belcher brood.

On one side, you’ve got Bob and Linda.

And on the other, we have Gene, Louis and Tina.

For more pictures of this amazing gingerbread replica—and for a step-by-step breakdown on how Katherina assembled it all—check out Pretty Cake Machine.

Photos: Pretty Cake Machine, Bob’s Burgers’ Wikipedia

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