Ellen Star Sophia Grace Has Officially Owned the Rap Game of 2015

Posted by Georgie on January 9, 2015

Sophia Grace won all of our hearts with her cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” that went super viral in 2011.  (*Note: “Viral” is when a video gets a lot of hits, and “super” viral is when Ellen Degeneres asks you to come on her show to discuss your awesome viral-ness.)  Now, the little R&B and rap diva is back with an original song called “Best Friends,” which I can safely assume is the most innocent rap song ever performed in the history of rap.  It’s very pink, it’s very catchy, and it’s very adorable.

This is adorable but 20 bucks say those girls were terrible to each other during this shoot and my money’s on blondie as probably being the worst of them. The tall, long-haired blondes are always the worst of them. BUT STILL CUTE, DOE!


Like this kid has to be the worst, right?  It’s like looking at a mini “Real Housewife” and it’s freaking me out.


Congrats to Sophia Grace for having more talent than any adult I know, including/especially me!  AND DEAR SWEET CHILD NEVER RUIN YOUR INNOCENCE BY READING THE YOUTUBE COMMENTS!  #TheyHateUsCuzTheyAintUs


Okay just one more time like she’s literally trying to put a choke-hold on the adorable little asian girl with the afro because she got a better spot in front of the camera.


best friend rap

I see you, Blondie.  I see you.

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