Watch This Pug Snowboarding Because You Want to Enjoy Life, Don’t You?

Posted by Georgie on January 12, 2015

This is Brandy the pug, living the ultimate #puglife, spending her days SNOWBOARDING like it ain’t no thang.


That’s it. Just a video of a pug having a ton of fun in the snow, riding a snowboard like it’s a totally normal thing for a pug to be doing. “No fear, no rules, just ice.” – What I imagine Brandy the pug thinks about when she steps onto the board. That, or “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUN DO I GET A TREAT FOR THIS.” Where do people find these chill dogs? My dog wouldn’t step onto that board unless it was dipped in gravy and covered with meaty bits, and even then he would probably timidly lick it until it made one suspicious move forward and then run for the goddamn trees.

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