Seattle Dog Rides The Bus to the Dog Park Alone…

Posted by Georgie on January 14, 2015

Eclipse is the Beyonce of all dogs.  Why?  Because she doesn’t wait for her man (owner) to go to the dog park– like a true independent woman, she takes herself on the Seattle bus the few stops to the local mecca.  (And let’s face it, she’s probably picking up some cute Labradors with all that #swag.)


I love that she looks out the window and can probably tell where her stop is from her sense of smell and timing. If I were riding the bus with her I think I’d find it impossible not to kidnap her and make her my own, except that she clearly owns herself. #respect
I also want to point out how much I love this woman who is so pumped for it. She should own Eclipse just for the fact that her owner is NO WHERE NEAR IMPRESSED ENOUGH WITH HIS OWN DOG.


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