Ian Somerhalder is Engaged to Nikki Reed, Because The World is a Cruel Place…

Posted by Georgie on January 16, 2015

Two beautiful dogs pictured with some human beings who are making the worst decision of every Vampire Diaries fan’s life.


Ian Somerhalder and his perfect, sexy facial are officially off the market.  It is true.  God has abandoned us, and Perez Hilton confirmed it.


Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya!  We all know that God left us when Ryan Gosling got Eva Mendes pregnant.  This is, however, tragically sad news for horny 14-year-old fan girls who thought that if they could only get Twilight star Nikki Reed out of the picture, they’d have a chance with the Vampire Diaries’ Hunk of Sexual Facial Hair.  Alas, their hopes and dreams have been crushed with the news of the engagement of Nikki Reed to The Male Helen of Troy.


But congratulations to the happy couple!  I actually think it’s great when two kind-hearted, beautiful, and wildly successful people fall in love and commit to each other.  It’s a nice reminder that you can have it all!  And when you can’t, you can just tweet hateful messages to Nikki Reed for ruining your life!  (In all seriousness, please stop doing that, horny 14-year-old Vampire Diaries obsessives… We all wanted a chance to make sweet love to that 8:30 o’clock shadow, but now it’s time to let it grow.  Let it grow.)

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