Does it Look Like Padma Lakshmi Has a Penis?

Posted by Kelli on January 30, 2015

Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi posted photo of herself running on the beach on Instagram. And all I was thinking when I saw it was, “Hot, damn!” But apparently someone else thinks she looks like she has a penis.


Padma Lakshmi’s photo caption reads: “My friend claims it looks like I have a penis in this pic. One guess as to whether he’s gay or not… #onhismind #tbt”


Padma Lakshmi - Penis Photo
Source: Instagram


The caption is hilarious! Is she insinuating gay men see imaginary dicks everywhere? One of her commenters might have another explanation saying, “Must be bushy thats why HAHAHAHA.”


What I want to know is how she can eat all that Top Chef food and look like that, and when I eat one (okay, three) donuts, I look like the Pillsbury Doughboygirl.

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