This is Why I am Not Buying a Roomba

Posted by Kelli on February 10, 2015

I’ve always loved the idea of getting a Roomba or other robot vacuum. They look like they would make life so much easier. I could just turn it on, put my feet up on the couch, eat a bowl of ice cream, watch The Bachelor, and let the robot go to work on sucking up all the dust and crumbs on my hardwood floors. But what if I fell asleep while watching TV? I wouldn’t want this to happen….


Robot Vacuum Eats Woman's Hair
Source: Yonhap/AAPIMAGE via The Guardian


Yeah, that’s what you think it is. A woman in South Korea was taking a nap when her rogue robot vacuum attached itself to her head by sucking up her hair. Fortunately, she was totally uninjured but it took four emergency workers 30 minutes to get that damn vacuum opened up and her hair released.


I’m sticking with my upright for now.

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