Disgusting or Delicious? Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes

Posted by Kelli on February 27, 2015

Fast food chains are always experimenting with interesting (often disgusting) new foods. But this new sweet treat from Taco Bell, well it’s different. It might seem disgusting but it’s also so alluring that I’m sure everyone will want to try it. What is it, you ask? Well it’s the Cap’n Crunch Delights donut holes.


The newest addition to Taco Bell’s dessert lineup features donut holes made with Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal. And they didn’t stop there. Inside is a warm, sweet milk icing.


Cap'n Crunch Delights Donut Holes
Source: FoodBeast.com


You want one right now? Well you can’t have it, unless you live in (or are willing to drive to) Bakersfield, California. Taco Bells in Bakersfield are selling them two for a dollar, or a dozen for $4.49.


I can’t wait for this craze to sweep the nation and these delectable delights to be available everywhere.


Want to see more pictures? Head to FoodBeast.com. They got an exclusive sneak peek in the Taco Bell test kitchen.

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