Some Crazy Person Bid $60K for a Bag of Air From Kanye West Show

Posted by Kelli on March 6, 2015

Just when you thought people couldn’t get more stupid, someone bid over $60,000 for a bag of air from a Kanye West concert.


Are you confused? I know it’s astonishing, but it’s really this simple. Someone “held bag open and sealed air in” at a recent Kanye West concert. The unknown person then wrote “AIR FROM KANYE SHOW” on the Ziploc and placed the air bag on eBay for sale.
Kanye West Concert Air eBay Auction

With a starting bid of five bucks, a bidding war ensued for the bag of Yeezus (not Jesus) air. And before the auction was taken down by a smart eBay moderator, it was up to $60,100 with 90 bids. Yes, 90 bids.


Don’t worry that you missed out on this bag of Kanye air. The copycats are out in full-force with multiple similar auctions on eBay right now — including a special auction for a bag of Kanye’s flatulence.

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