Did Taylor Swift Just Prove She’s a Liar?

Posted by Kelli on July 15, 2016

Taylor Swift

Every other day, it seems like Taylor Swift is claiming to be the victim of someone else’s bullying or maltreatment. Even worse – she often says that, when it has looked like she was causing trouble, it was really because she’s just misunderstood.


That’s fine until, of course, it starts hurting other people…


Whether it’s some breakup song like “Dear John” that paints an ex (in that case, John Mayer) in a very bad light or music videos in which she gathers up her “squad” to take on enemies (such as Katy Perry), a strong case could be made that it’s actually Taylor Swift who is the bully.


One recent example comes from Kanye West’s song “Famous.” The often wide-eyed singer is mentioned in the following lyric: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.” Of course, Swift immediately cried foul and made it seem like she was being unfairly targeted while Kanye insists that she helped write the song, knew about the lyric ahead of time, and gave him permission to use her name.


Kanye might be crazy but he doesn’t normally lie but so many people took his side. Why, they said, would Taylor Swift write a song about herself and then deny it? That doesn’t make sense, they exclaimed.


Well… thanks to Calvin Harris, we’ve got reason to believe Kanye (although, ahem, some of us always did).


It was widely assumed that Harris had written his new song (featuring Rihanna), “This is What You Came For,” about Taylor Swift but, it turns out, she actually co-wrote and performed on the song (under the name Nils Sjoberg), penning lyrics about her own self. Sounds a lot like what Kanye said, right?


This, along with other sketchy Swift antics, prompted the hashtag #TaylorSwiftisOverParty to trend heavily this week. Even Katy Perry tweeted “Time, the ultimate truth teller” in the middle of all the chaos.


Is this the beginning of the end for T-Swizzle?

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