Another One Bites the Dust: Hiddleswift is Over

Posted by Kelli on September 6, 2016

 Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston


For all those who were fans of the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston relationship, today is a sad day. Hiddleswift has ended before it even really got started. I mean, even though it seems like they were together since forever, in reality it’s been just a few months.


Why? Why? Why did it end? Apparently Taylor thought Tom wanted the relationship to be “too public.” Huh?


“Taylor felt he wanted to take the relationship to be too public,” a source told E! News, which we’re hearing was amicable, “and she was not happy about it and thought it was too much publicity.”


Well then.


And for those who think the whole relationship was just a publicity stunt? Well, I’m still not sure you weren’t right.


Any bets on who’s next for Taylor?


(Photo by starzfly/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

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