Karma Bites Amber Heard in the A$$

Posted by Kelli on November 22, 2016

Actress Amber Heard


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been famously involved in a very bitter divorce. She has alleged that he was abusive towards her and has tried to paint the actor in a very negative light. His friends and ex-wife have been publicly supportive and, if you scroll through the comments section in any article about it, most people seem to think she’s an opportunistic liar.


Now, the actress is being accused of trying to sabotage the drama, London Fields, and may have to pay $10 million in damages!


According to reports, a lawsuit was filed this week in the Los Angeles Superior Court and it alleges that Heard “breached her contract by refusing to shoot the agreed-upon script and failing to show up at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the movie.”


How classy for someone who has been trying to convince the world that she’s a morally upright victim.


The article went on to say: “While the inherent tension between actors and directors (on the one hand) and producers (on the other) is nothing new in Hollywood, the unauthorized and unlawful acts of Heard, (Mathew) Cullen, and others — most notably, their campaign to damage [Nicola Six], the Picture, and the Picture’s investors — are perhaps unprecedented.”


Apparently, her “misconduct,” along with that of director, Mathew Cullen, has left the project in limbo and has been “hijacked.”


What does that mean, exactly? Apparently, the film has been edited to include pornography as well as images of people jumping from the Twin Towers on 9/11.


What in the world??? This sounds like the kind of mess that is perfect for someone like Amber Heard. Confusing and lame.
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