Why is it News that Kim Kardashian is Standing by Kanye West?

Posted by Kelli on December 5, 2016

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West

These articles confirming that Kim Kardashian hasn’t completely jumped ship on Kanye West are ridiculous. It’s a real indication of how frivolous the concept of marriage has become in our society.


Let’s talk about this, shall we?


Kanye hasn’t murdered anyone. He doesn’t have mutilated puppies under his bed. He’s not like Katt Williams, punching people in the face wherever he goes. From what we’ve heard, he’s had a meltdown. You know, like most of us have had, at least, once in our lives.


Why on Earth would that be grounds for divorce??? Let’s assume Kanye is mentally ill, should his wife just pack up and leave him when the going gets tough? Why is mental illness still treated like it’s a character flaw? It’s not! It’s a genuine illness.


Also, Kim and Kanye have two small children. Most people with kids can attest to the fact that, those first couple years are pretty rough. Combine that with a hugely busy schedule and the fact that his wife was robbed and held hostage recently in a French hotel room and you’ve got a recipe for stress.


Stress leads to insomnia for many, many people. A lack of sleep can make people do some crazy things. Is Kanye known for his outbursts and self-absorbed rants? Sure. Does that mean he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human being? No.


People, get over yourselves.

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