Let’s Talk About Mariah Carey’s NYE Catastrophe

Posted by Kelli on January 2, 2017

Mariah Carey
It’s been almost two days and everyone is still talking about Mariah Carey’s doomed New Year’s Eve performance. Wearing a nude body suit and high heels, the singer paced back and forth on the stage while her music played in the background.


What’s the problem with that? There was no singing. Yikes!


Mariah has been in the industry for decades and, while some are accusing her of being unable to perform without a vocal track, it’s also probable that, in subzero temperatures close to midnight on New Year’s Eve, most artists choose to lip sync to not only give a good show but, also, to spare their precious vocal cords. It’s not surprising.


People have speculated that she was too drunk to walk up and down the stairs without but, clearly, they paid no attention to the fact that she had on stilettos. Wearing those kinds of heels requires assistance unless, of course, you’re Beyoncé. How the heck does she do it?


Finally, people have said that Mariah should have just “started singing” because they are idiots who do not understand how live performances work. You need to be able to hear your monitors so that you can be on key. It’s so loud in Times Square and her music tracks were super loud. It’s clear that Mariah would rather look like an idiot than sing off-key.


At the end of the day, it’s hard to know how she could have handled that better. It must have been excruciating to stand up there and finish 2016 that way. Did she look like a complete fool? Yep. That, in itself, has got to be enough.
(Photo by Noam Galai/FilmMagic)

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