Bachelor Contestant Doesn’t Help Nick Viall’s Image Problem

Posted by Kelli on January 3, 2017

Last night, The Bachelor started a new season with Nick Viall looking for love. He’s got to be the most controversial pick for the role since he has been portrayed as a bit of a villain since he’s appeared on two seasons of The Bachelorette, each time making it to the runner-up position before having his heart broken on national television.


Anyone who saw Bachelor in Paradise over last summer may have a better opinion of Viall, however, because he really showed how mature, self-aware, and respectful he can be. In that setting, where drama thrives, he was a voice of reason and came away seeming really likable.


Still, when women began pouring out the limo for him last night, there was a definite theme – they had all preconceived ideas about him but we willing to give him a shot.


One woman, however, had already done MUCH more than that.


Liz, an admittedly beautiful doula, had met Nick before. In fact, she was the Maid of Honor at Bachelor in Paradise alums, Jade and Tanner’s, wedding where Nick was a guest.

Videos show that the pair had a great time on the dance floor but they also took their celebrating to the bedroom – Liz dropped the bombshell that she and Nick slept together.


So what happened?


He, apparently, asked for her phone number after they had sex and she refused. Then she showed up on The Bachelor pretending not to know him but, of course, he recognized her. He didn’t seem pleased that she was there and made her sweat while she waited to see if she made the cut (he ended up giving her the final rose of the night).


Some people think Nick is a player who just hooks up with women. This did not help his case. Others think he’s a pathetic runner-up and, again, this situation does nothing to help his case. Either way, it doesn’t make him look great and the fact that he kept this idiot around seems to cause a lot of drama in future episodes according to the preview they showed after the premiere.


Well, this should be an interesting season, at the very least!

Watch Viall’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel below…

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