Joe Jonas: No Underwear Ad Will Ever Make You Sexy

Posted by Kelli on January 12, 2017

Joe Jonas

Okay, let’s clarify a few things for people like Joe Jonas and Ariana Grande who don’t seem to get it – being half naked is not enough to make you sexy. It’s about the energy you exude, not the amount of skin you’re showing.


Jonas is featured in Guess Spring 2017 underwear ads alongside model, Charlotte McKinney. You may already be familiar with their weird chemistry from DNCE’s “Body Moves” music video.


Are the pictures okay? Sure, despite the fact that he’s pulling a duckface in most of them. Are they steamy? Absolutely not. Unless you are already a Joe Jonas fan, you’re not going to see these snaps and stop in your tracks to admire. You probably won’t even wish your boyfriend looked like him. Instead, you will keep walking or flipping the pages to the recipe you’re looking for.




In a statement, Jonas said: “It feels great to be chosen by Paul Marciano as the male global ambassador for the new Guess Underwear campaign with a focus on the Guess man. I am excited to be part of this amazing experience and to be able to represent the brand’s image.”


Hmmm, that’s it. He mentioned being the “Guess man” and that’s where the trouble is. He doesn’t look manly. It’s something about the lack of intensity in his eyes. His brother, Nick Jonas, sure has it but he doesn’t. Which is fine.


Why can’t people just be happy with being who they are? Joe Jonas is not a hunk but he could do a great job in an edgy, fully-dressed ad for some other designer. What would be wrong with that?
(Photo by Noam Galai/FilmMagic)

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