Kellyanne Conway Apologies to “Black-Stretch-Pants Women of America”

Posted by Kelli on January 26, 2017

Is this comment for real? Someone needs to tell Kellyanne Conway that it’s completely acceptable to defend herself and her choices without firing shots at her fellow women…


Conway chose to wear a red, white, and blue-themed $3,600 Gucci dress to the inauguration of Donald Trump last week and the internet immediately descended upon this decision.

Memes quickly started circulating with many feeling that the look was unflattering.


It’s fair to be insulted by having the world mock your clothing but most people in the spotlight choose to ignore it. Trump’s advisor, however, chose to address the criticism directly and took aim at the people, she feels, were responsible for the uproar.


While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Conway said that she’s “sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America [by wearing] a little color” for the special event…


Kellyanne Conway

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It was colorful, alright. Blue sleeves, red collar, white bodice, gold pussycat buttons, AND a red hat, gloves, and handbag. If she wanted to stand out, she definitely accomplished that goal.


Meanwhile, fuller-figured stars, such as Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy, struggle to find designers willing to clothe them. McCarthy ended up creating her own clothing line in response to the craziness.


Oh well. They could always go with some black stretchy pants, right?

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