Meanwhile… Camila Cabello’s First Solo Performance Just Happened

Posted by Kelli on January 30, 2017

While her former group, Fifth Harmony, was having a meltdown, Camila Cabello, was on Ellen performing as a solo artist for the first time. With Machine Gun Kelly. Uh…


Okay, we’ve kept quiet about her foray into the solo artist realm but can we just keep it 100 for a moment? Based on the single, “Bad Things,” are we really going to declare her a solo artist?

In truth, Machine Gun Kelly released a new track and Camila is the featured artist. She sings the chorus. Come on, people!


Anyway, the pair hit the Ellen stage and, really, the live performance was okay. I wouldn’t stand up and cheer over it. I wouldn’t even share it on Facebook. It was solid but nothing spectacular. Really, that’s how I’d sum up Camila as an artist.


Still, it’s better than the fail that happened with Fifth Harmony over the weekend at the NHL All-Star Game. Reports claim that Dinah had some sort of medical emergency but was never transported to the hospital.


It sounds almost like she might have had a panic attack. While I’m not minimizing that, it was ridiculous that, rather than having the three others go out and sing, they cancelled 15 minutes before their performance and the NHL had to scramble and get a member of their ice crew to sing the national anthem.


Time will tell whether Camila as a solo artist or Fifth Harmony will be successful but, if the last couple days are any indication, they probably should have just stuck together…

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