Nick Viall Makes Classic “Bachelor” Mistake

Posted by Kelli on January 31, 2017

Nick Viall

This morning, all of the gossip rags are talking about this week’s episode of the The Bachelor and how stupid Nick Viall is for falling into the same trap that we’ve seen committed by guys every season.


It seems like there’s always an oversexed female contestant on these shows who alienates the other women, monopolizes the Bachelor’s time, and steals attention by pulling off one ridiculous stunt after another.


This season, that person is Corinne, a woman who claims to run a multimillion dollar company but still has a nanny. She’s engaged in some stunts, such as taking her top off during a photoshoot and having Nick grasp her bare breasts as well as setting up a bouncy castle for she and Nick to play in while the other women look on.


He’s been warned by, basically, everyone else that Corinne seems immature and unready for a serious relationship but he continues to stand by her side and ignore common sense. Historically, these situations haven’t gone well.


Jake Pavelka picked Vienna Girardi seven years ago despite the protestations of every other woman on the show. Ultimately, he saw her true colors but only after he gave her the final rose. Idiot!


Ben Flajnik ignored the warnings and chose to give Courtney Robertson his final rose and guess what? He got to see her behavior when the show aired and couldn’t get past her actions.


Is Nick going to end up in the same situation? If he keeps thinking with his hormones, he will definitely regret it!

(Photo by BG015/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

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