People Criticizing Lady Gaga’s Stomach Need to Shut Up

Posted by Kelli on February 7, 2017

We’ll admit it. When Lady Gaga was announced as the performer for this year’s Super Bowl, we rolled our eyes. We questioned whether she was relevant enough and whether she could be entertaining to the masses on her own.


We were owned and we fully admit it.


If you haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s halftime show, stop whatever lameness you are doing right now and go watch it. You must see it and, when it’s over, rewind and watch it one more time.


This woman leapt from the top of the stadium, jumped off of structures several times, danced as hard as the rest of her crew AND, somehow, managed to sing live the entire time. She didn’t have a headset, either. No, that would have been too easy. Instead, she managed a microphone in one hand while completely blowing everyone’s minds.


Facebook exploded and Twitter had a hardcore meltdown. No one could believe the risks she took and how perfectly everything was executed. The divided people of America actually united for a brief moment to collectively bow down to Lady Gaga.


And then the trolls came out.




These idiots actually decided to take away from a truly magical moment by pointing out the fact that Gaga dared to have a roll of skin on her lower abdomen. She looked strong and in shape to most people’s eyes but these fools couldn’t get past the tiniest of a belly pooch.


Are we serious right now? This is what’s wrong with society. How can any girl or woman feel good about her body when a goddess like Lady Gaga can deliver the most killer of performances and some dummies take her to task because she has, in their opinion, a body-related flaw?


Honestly, these people need to sit down and shut up because, clearly, they don’t know greatness when they see it.

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