Hoda Kotb: Goodbye Tamron Hall, Hello Megyn Kelly!

Posted by Kelli on February 9, 2017

When rumors about Megyn Kelly joining the Today show began swirling, fans took to social media to show their solidarity and support for Tamron Hall. It was clear, after all, that it was her job on the line and that she’d have to make sacrifices if NBC was going to make room for the former Fox News host.


Hall announced her sudden departure from the show (the entire network, really) and her former co-hosts and viewers have expressed real sadness about this turn of events.
Hoda Kotb

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
One person who doesn’t seem to be losing sleep is Today show co-host, Hoda Kotb. When Entertainment Tonight caught up with her at the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards in New York City, she responded to questions about the shakeup. Her words could raise a few eyebrows, though!


“I love Tamron. I miss her, man,” Kotb said. “I really miss her. She is a rock star. I guess when you know what’s real and you know what isn’t, who cares, right?”


As for how she feels about Kelly joining the team? “I’m gonna feed her wine until she passes out, OK?” Kotb joked. “That’s the first order of business. Get her on our 10 o’clock hour and see how she reacts after three or four glasses. It’s our version of hazing!.. I’m excited to get Megyn on the show. Come on. You know she’s got a wild side. It’s dark. It’s like Fifty Shades! It’s going to be exposed!”


This echoed what Kotb told People at the same event: “Look, I’m gonna miss [Tamron]. She’s a fun girl, she’s fun to have around. She was my dance partner. But I just know knowing Tamron, she’s gonna wind up in some fantastic spot. She has a long runway. I don’t know where she’ll wind up but I can picture her doing something great…”
“I mean, life’s a winding road and you never know. Sometimes something ends and something crazy begins. Keep your eyes open wide, you know it’s gonna be good.”


And her comments about Kelly? Yet again, Kotb seems excited: “I like [Megyn]. I want her to get here and I want her to break out a bottle of wine with us. I wanna see what she’s made of. Let’s begin with that, then we’ll work in with the rest of it.”


Well, Kotb does have to try to stay professional and welcoming during this transition so, hopefully, she’s not totally indifferent to everything that’s been going on. Between her and Kathie Lee Gifford, we should expect Megyn Kelly to be fully drunk on morning television in no time!

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