Harrison Ford Needs to Stop Flying Planes

Posted by Kelli on February 22, 2017

Harrison Ford has wowed audiences with his portrayal of Han Solo for more than 40 years. Solo is known for many things in a “galaxy far, far away” including his spectacular piloting skills. After all, you’ve got to be pretty amazing to be able to maneuver a massive ship like the Millennium Falcon!


Harrison Ford

It might come as a shock to Ford, after years of living in Han Solo’s shoes, that he doesn’t actually possess superhuman piloting abilities. In fact, these days, it looks like he barely has regular human skills.


Security footage has been released of the 74-year-old actor landing his small airplane onto the taxiway at John Wayne International Airports in Orange County instead of heading to the runway as he had been directed. In the process, he actually flew over an American Airlines jetliner preparing for takeoff. There were 110 passengers on board!


Air traffic control has also released recordings of Ford making a number of startling mistakes, including saying that he was flying a helicopter, but it was most chilling to hear him say: “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”


No, Harrison Ford. You were not directed to the taxiway and you should have seen that plane on the ground before you got right on top of it!


The incident, which occurred on February 13, 2017 has led to an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. Ford could lose his piloting license and, really, that’s probably what should happen.


This comes less than two years after Harrison Ford crash-landed his vintage yellow fighter plane into a golf course in Santa Monica. While he’s lucky he survived, he did suffer a broken arm as well as head and facial lacerations.


Let’s hang up those keys, shall we?
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

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