Should Kellyanne Conway’s Feet Be on the Oval Office Couch?

Posted by Kelli on February 28, 2017

There’s a bit of an uproar right now over the fact that, while President Donald Trump was meeting with leaders of historically black colleges, his advisor, Kellyanne Conway, was kneeling barefoot on a couch in the Oval Office.


It can be easy to argue that this might be nitpicking but it’s just as easy to see why people took offense to this situation.


Conway is wearing a dress, knees wide apart, looking down on her phone while her feet are tucked beneath her. She seems right at home in the White House despite the formal meeting taking place behind her. Some could argue that it was strange of her to decide to even kick off her shoes with an official gathering taking place in the room.


While Ben Dreyfuss defended Conway on Twitter, writing: “She was taking a photo. This is the dumbest outrage ever” others were less willing to accept this explanation.


For example, Alyssa Milano tweeted: “CMON! DO BETTER, @KellyannePolls!” while Vanessa Carlton echoed the sentiment saying: “Ok so Kellyanne Conway doesn’t wear shoes when in the Oval Office.”


In response, some Twitter users pointed out the fact that former President Barack Obama put his feet up on the desk, and, while that’s also pretty unsavory to many, he was, at the very least, the actual president. Conway is not.


Either way, most of us were taught to be on our best behavior when guests were welcomed into our homes so, if this is Conway’s “best behavior,” we don’t want to know what she’s like when no one is around!

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