Raven’s Orgasm Confession on The Bachelor Was Cringeworthy

Posted by Kelli on February 28, 2017

Oh my goodness. After all these years, we didn’t think The Bachelor could still have shocking moments but this week’s episode left us blushing. Wow!


Nick took Raven on her one-on-one date leading up to the Fantasy Suites and she kept saying that she was nervous about the prospect of having sex by the end of the night. He told her he didn’t have any expectations and that she shouldn’t stress over it but, alas, she just kept talking about it.


Finally, she explained herself and it was so much.


Raven has only had one sexual partner before Nick and that guy left a lot to be desired. In fact, she came right out and said that her ex never brought her to orgasm.



Yes, she said these words not only off-camera to us viewers at home but also to Nick himself. The preview for next week showed Nick and Raven the morning after and referred to their night together as “satisfying.” She must have finally had her big moment!




One of the big criticisms of this season is that Nick has had A LOT of experience and, to some people, is a bit of a player. He’s definitely had a fair number of sexual partners so it was almost sad to see Raven putting out without any guarantee that she would be the one getting a proposal.


Here’s hoping he doesn’t just hump and dump Raven but, if he does, at least it sounds like she finally got that orgasm she’s been wanting!

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