Is Oprah Going to Run for President?

Posted by Kelli on March 2, 2017

Now that Donald Trump has made the successful leap from businessman and television personality to President of the United States, another pop culture icon may be mulling their own future in politics.

Oprah Winfrey  for President

During an interview with Bloomberg’s The David Rubenstein Show, Oprah Winfrey was asked if she had warmed up to the possibility of running to become the first female president. Over the years, many people have asked her to do it but she has always shot down the idea.


Until now.


While not a firm confirmation that we will see her name on bumper stickers any time soon, Winfrey responded by saying: “I never thought about the question. I never even considered the possibility. That’s what I thought. I thought, oh gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough. Now I’m thinking, ‘Oh. Oh.‘”


Interesting indeed!


Sure 2020 is a few years from now but it’s kind of fun to think about who she might pick as her running mate. Naturally, people might assume she’d go with her best friend, Gayle, but she’d be smarter to pick someone with actual experience.


Elizabeth Warren? Michelle Obama? There has been a lot of chatter surrounding either one of those women. While Warren has years of experience as a senator, you can’t help but think that Michelle and Oprah, both from Chicago, could create quite the frenzy on the campaign trail.


It would be super entertaining to see Oprah go up against Donald Trump if he ran for reelection. If nothing else, this current presidency has shown Americans that, no matter how much experience you’ve got, you can still become the leader of a nation!
(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

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