The Biden Dating Drama is Multiple Levels of Gross

Posted by Kelli on March 4, 2017

No matter how people try to frame this, the dating drama surrounding the Biden family is pretty creepy. We totally get that people can fall into each other’s arms during moments of grief but this feels like too much to take.


Back in May 2015, Joe Biden lost his son, Beau, and the nation mourned with him. It was an incredibly sad time for the former vice president and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. It was, of course, devastating to Beau’s widow, Hallie, and their two children, Natalie, 12, and Hunter, 10.


Beau’s younger brother, also named Hunter, is married but separated from his wife in the fall of 2015. While they have filed for divorce, it has yet to be finalized. His estranged wife says he’s been spending money on hookers and drugs.



In the meantime, Hallie and Hunter have started dating.


In a statement, the younger Biden brother confirmed their relationship and said: “Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most. We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way.”


That’s right. They have the support of the people around them. After all, what else are they going to do?


Joe and Jill Biden also released a statement saying: “We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”


Wow! It sounds like, after a time of great hardship, there’s a lot of “luck” going around the Biden family!


Snark aside, for the sake of everyone involved (especially the children), let’s hope that things really are as great as these statements make it seem. It’s a terrible thing to lose a spouse (whether through death or divorce) so, if they’ve found love with each other (albeit, a creepy kind of love) who are we to judge, right?

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