Roles Reverse for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Jamaica

Posted by Kelli on March 6, 2017

Prince Harry’s close friend got married in Jamaica and, of course, he made sure that his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, was by his side. While the royal opted for a “slightly better than coach” seat on a commercial flight, the Suits star was flown in on a private jet.


Meghan Markle
As ET correspondent, Katie Nicholl, explains: “This is a big event for Prince Harry, because it’s one of his best friends getting married. It’s a big deal for her to be going as his plus one. This wedding will be a huge amount of fun. There will be a lot of alcohol going down.”


While 35-year-old Markle and 32-year-old best man, Harry, seemed to have enjoyed their time in Montego Bay, we can’t help but chuckle a bit by how their roles must have felt slightly reversed in the Caribbean.


The couple have dealt with racism in America and the United Kingdom because Markle biracial. Harry has been vocal about their struggles and has been quick to condemn the negative comments.


In their regular lives, Markle is the minority but, in Jamaica, Prince Harry is the minority, right? Of course, it’s doubtful that anyone will make them feel uncomfortable since he’s a pretty powerful guy but it could have been an interesting change in their normal dynamic.


Either way, it’s cool that they are still going strong. It would be amazing to have some diversity added to the British royal family!

(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

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