Mayte Garcia Spilling Prince Secrets is Savage

Posted by Kelli on March 20, 2017

Don’t get us wrong, we all have a right to share our stories but, sometimes, we can cross the line when the details involve another person. Mayte Garcia was married to Prince in the 90s and, together, they had a son who tragically died from a rare disorder just days after he was born.


Prince was notoriously private. In fact, about a month after their son, Amiir, was born, Oprah went snooping around Paisley Park. There had been rumors that the baby had died but he wouldn’t confirm anything. When asked about the child, he said: “It’s all good. Never mind what you hear… Our family exists. We’re just beginning it. We got many kids to have. A long way to go.”


Wow. Clearly, he didn’t want to share the details surrounding Amiir’s short life.


Now, Mayte has come forward to explain that, on the day of that interview, Prince actually dragged her out of bed and told her not to say anything to Oprah about the baby. She also claims that he asked her to flush pills down the toilet at a hotel.


Considering how he died, it’s even more shocking that she says that his bodyguards called her once to say he was getting his stomach pumped and had been found unconscious after mixing wine and aspirin.


Um, okay? Yet, she didn’t find anything suspicious, she says, but now that he’s dead and unable to refute her claims (or file a lawsuit), she’s released a tell-all book.


If she had any respect for Prince at all, maybe she would focus on her own journey and less about the “disturbing incidents” she says are in her memoir. It’s so trashy to talk about someone who has died and can’t defend themselves.


Hopefully, that book will flop.

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