Heather Morris on Dancing with the Stars is Stupid!

Posted by Kelli on March 21, 2017

Heather Morris


We get the fact that b-list celebs use Dancing with the Stars as a way to become relevant again but it’s also a dancing competition. This year’s cast includes fossils like Mr. T and Charo and newbies like Nick Viall (The Bachelor). Those selections make sense.


You know what doesn’t make sense? Heather Morris!!!


Most people know her as a ditzy character on Glee but she really got her start in the industry by being a KILLER backup dancer. I used to spend hours just watching her destroy some of the Britney Spears choreography because, you know, she went on tour with Britney!


I’m not in the habit of watching this lame show but I decided to tune in to the premiere last night just to see how Heather performed. Of course, she absolutely nailed it.


The judges made a big deal of explaining why she deserved to be treated just like everyone else. Julianne Hough made a point of mentioning that Heather was trained in a different kind of dance and that this was still a challenge for her.


Um, no. A challenge is being a 64-year-old man like Mr. T who is not a professional dancer, qualifies for old age benefits, and looks like he’s carrying a few extra pounds. THAT is a challenge.


It’s already enough when you’ve got pro athletes like Simone Bliles and Nancy Kerrigan competing since their bodies are used to grueling training schedules and know how to finesse a crowd. Having Heather Morris in the mix is just stupid!


It might sound mean but I hope she doesn’t win. We’ve had too many predictable winners over the years.
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

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