Movie Night Picks: Fantastic Beasts

Posted by Kelli on March 22, 2017

Did you miss Fantastic Beasts in the theater? Are you looking for a DVD for movie night?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as its author, Newt Scamander, is only mentioned in passing during Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but we now know a lot more about the events leading up to the publication of this textbook.


The film adaptation takes us on a journey to the wizarding world as it existed in America during the 1920s. From the start, it’s immediately clear that this franchise will be different from anything audiences have seen in the Harry Potter series.


It’s dark, gritty, and free from the childish whimsy surrounding the storylines at Hogwarts. Instead, we learn the American versions of terms (No-Maj versus Muggle, for example) while we get a glimpse at how religious zealotry and cultural differences impact the attitudes about magic as well as the lives of witches and wizards.


As you watch Fantastic Beasts, there will be times when you will be left scratching your head, wondering why these new characters don’t use spells like Accio or basic privacy charms but, if you put aside what you think you know about the Harry Potter universe and allow this to exist as its own entity, you will enjoy it.


It’s also worth noting that this is the first Harry Potter-related movie to win an Academy Award (Best Costume Design) since, visually, there are some truly impressive moments. Fans will be delighted by how some of the characters connect to Hogwarts and, of course, by a big plot twist towards the end!


Bottom line, it’s great to learn more about the magical world beyond what we know about Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort and it will be interesting to see where the two sequels take us!


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