People Hating on Kendall Jenner and Pepsi Don’t Get It

Posted by Kelli on April 5, 2017

Let’s begin by stating the obvious – this political climate is pretty rough. People don’t know how to express an opinion or speak out without it creating a huge outcry. We are in uncharted territory and no one knows what to even do anymore.


So, Pepsi created an ad about a movement and included Kendall Jenner. They also include cans of Pepsi. Why are people shocked?


In the commercial, what appears to be a female Muslim photographer is privately showing signs of frustration and anger as young people holding signs that say “Love” march through the streets.
Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner happens to be doing a photoshoot in a nearby doorway. She keeps glancing over at the demonstrators and, eventually, pulls her blonde wig off, wipes off her lipstick and joins the masses.


Miraculously, the female photographer is now along the street taking pictures and happens to capture the moment when Jenner grabs a can of Pepsi and hands it to a police officer who is met with cheers when he takes a drink.


Before discussing the response, let’s point out of the fact that Jenner comes from a family of immigrants, her best friends are Muslim (Bella and Gigi Hadid), and her father, Bruce Jenner, transitioned into a woman who goes by the name of Caitlyn. It makes sense that Pepsi chose her for this ad.


While some people think she’s the antichrist for supporting a protest in a fictional advertisement, others have made fun of Pepsi for the clip’s plot. Even comedian Patton Oswalt chimed in and tweeted: “J. Edgar Hoover takes aim from the grassy knoll. The motorcade approaches. He fires. JFK raises a #Pepsi to his lips, blocks the bullet.”


Okay, do they have Jenner burning down a building or heading to Capitol Hill to change legislation? No but come on! The song in this ad keeps talking about the “generation” which is what Pepsi has always done. This is what is happening right now and the ad might be a little innocent and naïve but the message is still there.


Why does EVERYTHING have to be a problem right now?


Editor’s note: Due to the backlash, Pepsi has now pulled the ad and apologized.

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