Nick Cannon on Wendy Williams Was So Annoying

Posted by Kelli on April 28, 2017

Ugh, don’t get us wrong. We love Nick Cannon but Wendy Williams is such a nutcase. She had him on her show for the entire hour and took the opportunity to just cross every line imaginable.


It was entirely annoying, especially since she’s said such mean things about his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, in the past (she once said she was going to send the singer a box of cats to keep her company since her “diva antics” push men away).


Meanwhile, she was just cackling it up with Cannon, saying that he would be back at home with “mama” after five years and blaming him (not Mariah) for Carey’s breakups since he’s “always around.” Talk about a 360! She’s such a phony person.


She even put up a recent picture taken from Carey’s Instagram account showing that the pair put their kids together recently with Williams pointing out that the songstress was wearing a negligee. When isn’t Mariah Carey underdressed? There’s no story here!


In response, Cannon explained that, while they are close because they are family, the former couple are not still sleeping together – not that it’s any of our business! Oh well, Wendy Williams is trashy and she’s got to get ratings somehow. She’s been promoting this Nick Cannon episode like crazy!

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