Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival Was a Hilarious Failure

Posted by Kelli on April 28, 2017

Have ya seen any of the pictures from Ja Rule’s now-cancelled Fyre Festival? What had been touted as an exclusive, luxury experience looked more like production stills from the upcoming Maze Runner sequel or a refugee camp. Seriously, it was so bad!



It’s terrible because Bahamas relies heavily on its reputation for tourism and, of course, they were more than thrilled to be chosen as the locale for Ja’s first music festival. Unfortunately, it was a complete disaster and people can’t point fingers fast enough!


The worst part is that, with the event being called off, the island nation will lose millions and it’s all because the organizers were in over their heads. They had no idea how to plan and accommodate 6,000 people so, instead of the advertised first-rate private jets, accommodations and gourmet meals, guests travelled on regular flights, were greeted by tents (with mattresses strewn about everywhere) and cheese sandwiches.


You seriously can’t make this up! There’s a great gallery of nightmarish pictures but, so far, there hasn’t been an official explanation or apology. There’s also some awesome stories on the Fyre Festival sub-reddit.


Some people have tried to label this a scam of some sort but, really, scam artists tend to be a little more skilled. This just looks like someone had a good idea and then had no ability to actually pull it off. It’s unreal that they didn’t cancel before people started traveling. Clearly, they had to know it wasn’t going to work out.


What a mess!

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