Is Katy Perry Really Worth $25 Million for “American Idol” Reboot?

Posted by Jeanne on May 22, 2017

Reports are suggesting that Katy Perry has been offered $25 million to serve as a judge on the upcoming American Idol reboot and, really, we can’t help but ask ourselves if she’s really worth that kind of cash. Apparently, ABC really, really needed a “big name” on their panel and things didn’t exactly go as originally planned.

Katy Perry

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

It was said that producers desperately wanted Kelly Clarkson for the gig and, while she was initially interested, she bailed at the last minute to join fellow Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson, on The Voice. That’s pretty crummy from a marketing standpoint, for ABC, since it would have been great to say that the very first winner of American Idol was back to usher in the new generation. It had a circle of life kind of thing going on, right? Too bad it fell through. Oh well.

Anyway, that must have made it pretty easy for Katy Perry to negotiate for top dollar since she’ll be earning way more than the $15 million Jennifer Lopez received to judge during Idol‘s last season. It’s hard to know how audiences are going to receive her since she really can be polarizing and, if I’m honest, I thought her Super Bowl Halftime Show was boring as heck.

Also, not to be a negative nelly but we still don’t have a confirmed host for the show. Sure, there’s talk that Ryan Seacrest will return but he’s just started on Live! with Kelly Ripa and we all know how possessive she can be… This could become a huge mess.

Who’s idea was it to bring American Idol back anyway???

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