Will Kendra Wilkinson’s Mother Air Dirty Laundry in Tell-All Book?

Posted by Jeanne on June 2, 2017

Kendra Wilkinson is learning that even the people she should be able to trust in her life could throw her under the bus after it was revealed that her own mother was shopping around a tell-all book. How unbelievably trifling!

Kendra Wilkinson

Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Maxim

In a promo for Kendra On Top, Patti Wilkinson is shown talking about how much money she could make by writing a book divulging family secrets. Her son (and Kendra’s brother), Colin, warns her: “You’re playing a dangerous game.” He’s absolutely right. So, what does the mother-of-the-year say to that? “I don’t care!” Wow… no wonder her relationship with her daughter is strained.

In the clip, Kendra confronts her mother and says: “You would have to write about Hank and the scandal and me and us,” to which Patti replied: “First of all, I don’t give a s— what he thinks. The truth hurts. The truth hurts.”

Of course, the two women are likely referencing the fact that Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett Jr. allegedly had an affair with a transgender model in 2014. The real details were never made public, although, the couple acknowledged having problems after they nearly split.

In a very fair warning, Kendra is shown telling her mother: “You can have your family back or you can write this book!”

For more on this drama, check out the Season 6 premiere of Kendra on Top on June 23 on WE tv.

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