Did Halle Berry Just Debut a Baby Bump at 50?

Posted by Jeanne on June 5, 2017

Halle Berry made an appearance at theĀ 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball over the weekend and something about her appearance set the internet on fire. While she looked beautiful, as always, on the red carpet before the event, it also looked like she was trying to tell us something. Look at this picture and you be the judge.

Halle Berry

Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Is the 50-year-old actress holding her hands that way to let us know that she is expecting her third child or is she just really excited about how full she is after a great meal? Obviously, the latter would be pretty stupid so we can’t help but assume that she’s pregnant!! There’s so many things to say about this.

First of all, that’s a pretty good sized bump so, presumably, she’d be more than a few months along.

Second, we don’t have any clue who the father of this child might be. Considering her age, could she have just done the donor thing?

Third, since Janet Jackson just had a baby at 50, will their kids get together for playdates because, really, that would be pretty cool.

We’ve gotta say that, if there really is a bun in that oven, she looks amazing! Well played, Halle!

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