Kelly Clarkson Shuts Down Body Shamers Instantly

Posted by Jeanne on July 5, 2017

Kelly Clarkson has been criticized for her weight since winning American Idol in 2002. Back then, she was a slightly fuller-figured girl with a big voice and, really, when you look back at photos from those early days, it’s disappointing to imagine that anyone had anything to say about her – she looked fantastic!

Now, 15 years later, she’s a mother of two (daughter, River, was born in 2014 and son, Remington, was born in 2016) and, well, she’s rocking a body. If she’s not bothered by her appearance, why is it any of our business?

Kelly Clarkson

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

One fool on Twitter decided to take a shot at her while America celebrated the Fourth of July. Simply writing, “You’re fat,” it doubtful that they thought the singer would actually respond… but she did. Rather than engage in a whole war of words, she replied: “…and still f—ing awesome.”

Of course, fans exploded with support for Clarkson who, really, didn’t deserve that kind of public criticism. Sadly, she’s used to it. During a 2015 appearance on Ellen, she explained, “I love how people think that’s new — like, ‘Welcome to the past 13 years. Yeah, I was the biggest girl on [American Idol], too. And I wasn’t big, but people would call me big because I was the biggest one on Idol, and I’ve kind of always gotten that.”

Fortunately, she’s got a good attitude and is a great example to others who might be dealing with the same things in their lives. “It’s like, you’re just who you are. We are who we are. Whatever size, and it doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be that forever,” she said. “That’s the thing. Sometimes we’re more fit. Like especially me, I’m such a creative person that I yo-yo. So, sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don’t, and I’m like… I’d rather have wine.”

How refreshing to have someone just be honest about it. Kudos to people who have great metabolisms or the willingness to adhere to very strict eating and fitness routines. The rest of us are just trying to make it through the day. Cheers!

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