Rachel Lindsay is Facing the Wrath of Bachelor Nation Right Now

Posted by Jeanne on August 8, 2017

Did you catch the finale of The Bachelorette¬†last night? Words can’t describe what a colossal waste of time that ended up being. First of all, the whole thing took three hours because Chris Harrison had Rachel Lindsay sit with him and comment on each section of the show. It took forever and didn’t make me like the outcome any better.

Rachel and Bryan Arrive at Good Morning America

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First of all, she sent Eric home. Why is it that people beg and beg for someone to open up and fall in love with them and then the second they say “I love you,” they get sent packing? That’s just masochistic. I would never go on these shows for that reason. It’s really cruel.

Next, Rachel had a serious bow-chicka-wow-wow fest with Peter. You could just see that their Fantasy Suite time was pretty epic. This was, of course, after he flat out told her that he wasn’t comfortable with proposing just to meet the schedule of some show but reiterated that he loved her. She insisted that, if he did, he would get down on one knee within days and he, again, said that it wasn’t going to happen.

Maybe she thought that sex would change his mind but it didn’t and that’s entirely on her. He was always upfront about things and you could tell that they were really in love. The whole thing went completely south when they had a standoff with her basically demanding that he propose to her and he told her, rightfully, that she was clearly all about the ring and not about being happy. Behaving like a complete spoiled brat, she stormed off, ending their relationship, because he said he wanted to take more time to be a couple before proposing.

Despite how absolutely wrecked she was leaving Peter the night before, she rallied and proclaimed her love for Bryan at the final rose ceremony. What’s interesting is that, if we think back to their last date, the one right after her overnight with Peter, she couldn’t even focus on Bryan. She was so distracted and it took all day for her to regain her composure and this was before she even sent him home! Bryan was worried and frustrated by this but he pulled out all the stops in the Fantasy Suite. Ugh.

Anyway, the proposal felt like a consolation prize and, when she came face-to-face with Peter for the first time since this all went down, she seemed so angry and petty. Why would you be so mad at a guy if you were truly over him? She kept trying to make it seem like something was wrong with Peter and he came back saying “what’s wrong wanting a second date before taking someone to meet my parents?” I’m paraphrasing but he’s right. There’s nothing wrong with that. Then, she annoyed viewers by continuously telling him “this type of show is not right for you, then.” Why? Because it didn’t work out with you, Rachel? Ugh!

Twitter immediately exploded with #TeamPeter trending along with people expressing their disgust and outrage. Peter said he felt attacked by Rachel and many in Bachelor Nation agreed. We sincerely hope that she and Bryan are happy but it didn’t have to happen this way. Yuck!

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