Did Anna Faris Give Insight Into Split From Chris Pratt?

Posted by Jeanne on August 17, 2017

Are you still shocked by the Anna Faris/Chris Pratt split? If so, you’ve probably missed all of the warning signs and comments Faris has been making recently. Now, she’s made it almost blatantly obvious that she felt unsupported in their relationship.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt

Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

During her weekly podcast, Unqualified, the 40-year-old actress told a caller, “life is too short to be in relationships where you feel this isn’t fully right or somebody doesn’t have your back, or somebody doesn’t fully value you. Don’t be afraid to feel your independence if things aren’t right. I made that mistake, I think, a little bit, like ‘I’m checking my relationship off the list’ and if that would be the final piece of advice I could give you, that would be know your worth, know your independence.”

She always let her fans know that all of their kind words have been helpful during a rough time. “Hey, dear listeners,” she said. “I just want to thank you all so much for all the love I’ve been receiving, and I truly love you.”

Meanwhile, Pratt’s first public appearance after their divorce announcement was to take their son Jack to church this past Sunday before appearing at the Teen Choice Awards.
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