Mark Salling Entered Guilty Plea to Child Pornography Charges

Posted by Jeanne on October 5, 2017

Mark Salling might have played a bit of a troublemaker on Glee but it’s a far cry from what he’s really been doing in real life. The actor had been accused of possessing child pornography and most people really wanted to believe that this was fake news but, sadly, he entered a guilty plea in court this week.

Mark Salling arrives for a court appearance

Frederick M. Brown / Stringer

Before you start defending this since a lot of people get into that “barely legal” stuff, this isn’t anything like that. No, the things Salling preferred featured children including a prepubescent minor. That’s absolutely disgusting.

He was charged with two counts when investigators uncovered over 50,000 images of child pornography and child erotica on his personal computer. The kids were as young as three years old.

As part of the agreement, Salling will pay $50k in restitution to the victims and could face 20 years in prison but, due to his plea, he will likely only serve four to seven years behind bars with 20 years of supervised release.

When he does get out, he will live his life as a registered sex offender who can’t live near schools, “parks, public swimming pools, playgrounds, video arcades, or any other places frequented by people under age 18.”

That’s intense and definitely appropriate. We’re not talking about some guy with a couple pictures that he could try to say were accidentally downloaded on his computer. This is horrific. Let’s hope he actually learns from this and that this punishment actually serves its purpose.

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