Former Olympian Shawn Johnson Shares Sad Miscarriage News

Posted by Jeanne on October 24, 2017

Almost 10 years ago, the country rallied behind Shawn Johnson as she took home the gold medal on the balance beam at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Since then, she was crowned the champion on Dancing with the Stars and got married to Andrew East (she now goes by Shawn Johnson East).

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East

JB Lacroix / Contributor

It seemed like everything was falling into place for the 25-year-old but, sadly, the retired gymnast shared a video to YouTube Monday, thanking fans for their support after she announced that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Johnson East lost her baby just two days after learning that she was pregnant. The former pro athlete explained, “it was a super emotional roller coaster, and one that we never imagined sharing with the world but we felt like so many people go through it that it was something we wanted to share with you guys. We’ve never posted anything that raw and real before, and it meant a lot to us.”

In the 16-minute vlog, she described how she felt when she learned that her pregnancy was ending. She told viewers, “The day I was told we were miscarrying, I felt guilty. I felt sad and I remember telling Andrew, ‘I’m sorry I lost your baby.’ I felt like it was something that I did. I didn’t take care of the baby well enough, or I was stressed out too much, or I didn’t take the right prenatal vitamins. All these different guilts and thoughts and negative feelings of ‘I failed my baby.’ I felt like I was [uninhabitable], like, ‘No baby’s gonna live inside this belly.’ ”

The video also includes moments where Johnson East is lying on the floor in the bathroom, closet, and couch while sharing that she’s been physically ill.  Still, there has been a silver lining to all of this.

“As a result of us posting that video, there’s been so many people that have come out and shared their stories about, ‘Hey, I’ve had 11 miscarriages’ and ‘It took me X amount of years to finally have a kid, but once we did it was the best thing in the world,’ ” shared East, 26.

Acknowledging that the pregnancy news was so fresh when they experienced their loss, Johnson East admitted, “we’re really sad, and I don’t know if we know how to mourn it. It’s a weird process to go through.”

Her husband agreed and added, “We had a very small window of time where we enjoyed the idea of having a kid together, and it was like boom — the next day, everything got slammed back in our face. It’s still tough. I see Shawn looking at kids in strollers and she’s talking about kids all the time now, [but] we now have to wait a little bit [to start trying again], per doctor’s orders.”

Well, hopefully they will take the time they need to heal and recover emotionally and physically from their loss. It’s a tough journey but it sounds like these two are working through it together.

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