Why Would Lisa Bloom Work with Harvey Weinstein?

Posted by Jeanne on October 27, 2017

As more information emerges about Lisa Bloom’s representation of Harvey Weinstein (she has resigned and no longer represents him), the fact that she was going to work for him in the first place is just so baffling.

Lisa Bloom

Amanda Edwards / Contributor

Bloom, and her mother, Gloria Allred, have made careers out of supposedly championing the rights of women which makes it particularly unsavory that the former would agree to investigate his accusers in an attempt to discredit them. Wow.

Apparently, she had already begun digging deep into Rose McGowan’s history as far back as July and even discussed a private investigator’s findings with Weinstein himself. The same tactics were used to find dirt on Ambra Battilana Gutierrez with hopes of killing the story.

It’s even being reported that Bloom approached The New York Times and NBC to try to get them to leave this all alone.

What’s craziest is that she was retained back in January 2017 and over nine months, she poured over non-disclosure agreements, reviewed investigative reports from, at least, one rape accuser, tried to secretly record another potential victim and then said she had no idea that there were allegations of sexual assault when it all blew up in her face.

Now, rumor has it that The Weinstein Company has threatened her with legal action if she doesn’t shut up so she can’t even comment on anything. How trashy. That’s what you get when you are hired to bury stories about sexual abuse.

She brought this all on herself.

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