Mandy Moore: My Wedding Will Be An “Elevated House Party”

Posted by Jeanne on November 13, 2017

Some brides-to-be really obsess over their wedding day. Heck, there’s entire reality television shows devoted to this kind of thing. It’s interesting, therefore, that Mandy Moore has decided to break with tradition in favor of something a little less formal for her special day.

Mandy Moore

Gregg DeGuire / Contributor

The This is Us star has shared that her idea of a dream wedding isn’t what many other women would want but, truth be told, it sounds pretty cool!

First, she wants to have a friend officiate. She told ET that this is a must-hand because it creates a “feeling that connection with our friends, and our friend group, and having them feel a part of it. I think I want to maybe do it at our home, like, do it very privately.”

The 33-year-old, who began her career as a singer and is engaged to musician, Taylor Goldsmith, also said, “I want music to have an important thread throughout. Find a way to incorporate Taylor [Goldsmith], or some of our musician friends, or something. So make it feel very much like us. A slightly more elevated house party, nothing fancy.”

Of course, these magazines always find a way to publish pics from weddings so it should be interesting to see how it all turns out. Maybe she’ll start a new trend!

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